When you donate to Small Seeds, you are donating to an organization that has proven to decrease family breakdowns. You are donating not only to the future of the Greater Pittsburgh area, but future of our state and economy as well.

Reasons to donate to Small Seeds:

  • We help promote healthy family dynamics.
  • We empower single mothers and their children.
  • We connect families and individuals to community resources and supports.
  • We help to strengthen families by focusing not just on one individual member but on the family unit.
  • We inspire young men to reach their full potential.
  • We engage in collaboration with other community organizations to ensure wraparound services.
  • We add to & adapt our programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the community.
  • We provide teen leadership development services.
  • We use financial resources in a responsible way.

Small Seeds Development, Inc. 
United Way Identification #1249589


The mission of Small Seeds Development, Inc. is to support, strengthen, and sustain families to build strong communities. We surround families and youth with a community of support and empower them to achieve goals. With various family challenges it is clear that we need to help many more.

There are several ways that you can make a charitable contribution to Small Seeds.


Please make your check payable to Small Seeds and mail it to:

Small Seeds Development, Inc.
c/o Brittany Tonet
6033 Broad Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Credit Card

Please follow the link below and select donate under the shop menu