Youth All Access (YAA) is an online-based platform that utilizes social media as a tool for youth between the ages of 8 to 18 to participate in contests, campaigns, service learning projects and personal development. Through their participation, youths demonstrate how they have been able to realize, promote, and live by the Youth Responsibility Act values. Their direct participation provides a candid look at the social service support that youths desire and require and allows Small Seeds to better customize our other youth programs to their specific needs.



YAA Benefits

Upon completion of the YAA program, Learn & Earn participants will gain the following:

  • Peer-to-Peer Engagement
  • Social Networking Experience
  • Exploration of their Creativity and Innovation
  • Character and Personal Development
  • Service Learning Project Participation
  • Familiarization with Modern Technology
  • Self-Directed Programming with Application


Acts of Responsibility


Love of Learning
You love learning new things. You love being an expert and/or being in a position where knowledge is valued by others.       
You’re prepared to take on challenges and deal with difficult situations even if unpopular or dangerous. You have the courage to overcome fear as well as ability to take a moral stance under stressful circumstances.       
You’re kind and generous to others, and never too busy to do a favor. You gain pleasure and joy doing good feeds for others. In fact, your actions are often guided by other people’s best interests. At the core of this particular strength is acknowledgment of the worth of others.       
You’re a great team player, excelling as a member of a group. You are loyal and dedicated to your colleagues, always contributing your share and working hard for the good and success of the group.       


You’re a good organizer and you’re good at making sure things happen. You ensure work is completed by you and also maintain good relationships among group members.

You can easily keep your desires, needs and impulses in check when necessary or appropriate. As well as knowing what’s correct you’re able to put this knowledge in to action.       

Passion and Enthusiasm
You’re energetic, spirited and passionate. You wake up and look forward to most days. You throw yourself, body and soul, in to all activities you undertake.      

Technological Citizen
You can shape and/or change the digital age by using social media applications. You are appropriate with your media usage and are able to bridge the gap between generations with your knowledge of current events.    

Program Eligibility and Application Process

Program Eligibility

  • All youth are eligible for the Youth All Access Program

For more information about Youth All Access, please contact: 

Program Liaisons

Samantha Shugars
412-665-2810 ext. 214
Raynesha Hart
412-665-2810 ext. 210

Or complete the form to the right.

Application Process

If you would like to enroll in the Youth All Access program, please complete the YAA application and email it to or mail it to:

Small Seeds Development, Inc.
Attn: Youth All Access
6033 Broad Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


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