The Mother to Son Program (MTS) is a unique program that offers single mothers and female guardians, their male children (ages 6-15), and their siblings, emotional safety. Utilizing “Trauma Informed Care” methods, participants learn to understand and recognize their physical, psychological and personal well being. Participants build a family platform, form healthy parent-child relationships, and share ideas through trainings and workshops in a safe environment.


Small Seeds has been a great help to me and my family. The engagement provided us with great services and caring people. A mentor/coach has been a positive influence and he spent time getting to know him, took him to several educational and social events which was an eye opening experience for my son. My son was heading in the wrong direction because of marijuana use and isolation. The assistance of Small Seeds staff helped my son to reconnect with his birth father who he hasn’t heard from in over 8 years. My son is now making better decisions and is more responsible.
- Mother to Son Program Participant



  • Parents, Guardians, Family Members or Care-Givers

  • Youth Groups/Community Groups

  • Women’s Groups

  • All Public, Private, Parochial and Alternative Schools

  • Faith-Based Institutions

  • After-School Programs

  • Magistrate Court/Juvenile Justice Institutions & Programs

  • Children Youth and Families (CYF)

  • Youth Athletic Organizations/Sport Teams



MTS provides community-based (site) services and activities to help parents and children attain the self-care, sufficiency, social exposure and educational information needed for family discovery. (Please view our sites listed below so that you can participate at a location near you)

  • You identify as a single mother or female guardian, looking for a program that requires active participation of both mothers/guardians and their sons

  • You have a young male child between the ages of 6 and 15

  • You reside in Allegheny or Westmoreland Counties

  • You are looking for coaching/mentoring for your son(s) and emotional, social, and educational support for yourself



The Mother to Son Program seeks to address the approximately 11.8% of households in Allegheny County that are headed by single-mothers. 71% of African American children in Allegheny County are born into a single parent household. Single mothers raising their sons can be overwhelmed, isolated and struggling to balance the demands of their life and those of their role as a parent. A single mother is the primary caregiver, nurturer, income provider and decision maker in meeting the personal needs of their children. There is compelling data over the years that inform us that young males need role models, experiences and resources to help them make positive transitions as they grow and mature.



  • Mothers will be engaged to enhance and improve their quality of life with direct services, trainings and workshops including but not limited to: Setting Goals and Intentions, Healthy Living, Giving Back, Becoming Financially Fit, Effective Parenting, Housing and Stability, Education and Entrepreneurship, Self-Empowerment and Self-Care.

  • Sons will receive personal youth development training that instills the understanding of positive values, attitudes, skills and habits for leading themselves. In-addition to making achievements in Reading, Righteousness, Respect, Responsibility, Restraint, Reciprocity, Rhythm and Redemption.

  • Siblings ages 3-7 receive age appropriate child care with the utilization of early childhood research-based activities not limited to engaging in Social and Emotional Development, Basic Reading Skills, Simple Math, Focus and Attention.


Trauma Informed Care (TIC): Trauma-Informed Approaches (TIA) promotes trauma-informed practices in the delivery of services to people who have experienced violence and trauma and are seeking support for recovery and healing. They may or may not have a diagnosis of mental health or substance use disorders, and may experience traumatic impacts from the experiences of violence that have strained social connections in the family, in the workplace, in childrearing, in housing – and that may have led to consequent health and social problems – all of which need to be addressed in a trauma-integrated approach. (SAMHSA’s Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach Prepared by SAMHSA’s Trauma and Justice Strategic Initiative)

My Time to Bloom:  Is a “Workbook Journal” that assist those pursuing personal development, transformation and growth. It challenges those to set goals, assess internally and reset the course of life as they seek to live more fully, immersing themselves in the activities contained in the journal. (Developed by Tracy Thorpe Scott, TSS Coaching & Development, LLC)

Money Start Smart: The Money Smart for Adults instructor-led curriculum consists of eleven training modules that cover basic financial topics. Topics include a description of deposit and credit services offered by financial institutions, choosing and maintaining a checking account, spending plans, the importance of saving, how to obtain and use credit effectively, and the basics of building or repairing credit. (Developed by: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

ACT Raising Safe Kids: The ACT Raising Safe Kids Program was developed and is coordinated by the American Psychological Association’s Violence Prevention Office. The curriculum is based on research showing that through individual and parenting education utilizing the curricula, teens and parents learn how to foster healthy and safe relationships between one-another.

Youth Responsibility Act: Inspired by The Happiness Institute and Professor Martin Seligman’s study of positive emotions and "Signature Strengths," The Youth Responsibility Act was developed to provide youth, ages 8-18, tools for for self-expression. Participants utilize written, verbal, visual and technological mediums to express their life experiences, with the intent to positively impact their psychological well-being and interpersonal relationships.

Bright Stars Early Childhood: An educational model that gives support with more attention on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, character development, social and emotional development, basic reading skills, simple math, focus and attentiveness (Developed by: Saceena Rankins)

Bright Stars Early Childhood: An educational model paying special attention to fine motor skills, gross motor skills, character development, social and emotional development, basic reading skills, simple math, focus and attentiveness. (Developed by: Saceena Rankins)

Family Relationship Survey: This questionnaire is designed to gather information about parent-child relationships and the factors that influence their development. (

SMART Plan: An action plan that identifies goals that are: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.


(All sites operate on a Bi-Weekly Schedule meeting a minimum of twice per month)

Hill District
Center for Family Excellence
409 Dinwiddie Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Meets every other Monday

Hosanna House
807 Wallace Avenue
Wilkinsburg, PA 15221
Meets every other Wednesday

East Liberty
East End Cooperative Ministry
6140 Station Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Meets every other Thursday

Garfield Commons
5315 Hillcrest Street
Garfield, PA 15224
Meets every other Monday

For more information about the Mother to Son Program, or to enroll your family, please contact:

Michelle Weaver
Program Manager